The journal is published in English.  All papers submitted to publication must be in English.

Papers should be submitted in triplicate plus a disc copy (Word 6 format preferred) to the Editor, Journal of the Australasian Society of Victimology, GPO Box 2296, Adelaide, South Australia, AUSTRALIA, 5001.  Although papers of considerable length (eg 8000 words) will be published occasionally, writers should aim to be concise.  Reasoned argumentation is encouraged is required.

Papers should be typed in double spacing on A4 (or similar) paper, wide 1 inch / 2.54 cm margins along all sides.  No headers / footers are to be inserted.  Spelling and grammar, etc should be checked before submission.  Proofreading is strongly encouraged.

Graphics / tables / charts can be included so long as the quality provides for direct reproduction / scanning.  Papers should include clear instructions as to the relevance of the graphics, etc.  Photographs are not encouraged.

References should be in Harvard (author/date) format and preferably comply with Australian Government Printing Standards.  This technique of referencing requires the surname of the author(s), the year of the publication and, if required, the relevant page number(s) in brackets within the text of the relevant place.  For example,

“Criminal victimisations, whether directed at the victim’s person or property, are harmful actions” (Fattah 1991, p139).

One should bear in mind the harm caused by criminal victimisation (Fattah 1991, p139).

According to Fattah (1991, p139), “Criminal victimisation, whether directed at the victim’s person or property, are harmful actions.”

A list of references, arranged in alphabetical sequence, detailing all of the sources referred to in the paper should be included at the end of your paper.  A bibliography indicating all the material used in preparing the paper (not just sources cited in the paper) may be used instead of a reference list.  The format use for a reference list, however, is different to a bibliography.  It is the contributors responsibility to ensure that the standards for either a reference list or bibliography are satisfied.

Example Reference Listings—

Fattah, E.  1991,  Understanding Criminal Victimisation, Prentice-Hall, Scarborough, Canada.

Bennet, T.  1994,  ‘Confidence in the police as a mediating factor in the fear of crime’, International Review of Victimology, 3(3), pp179-194.

Endnotes may be used so long as they are identified numerically in the body of the paper.  These notes should be brief and serve to clarify issues, define / explain key terms, etc.

The Editors accept no responsibility for breaches of copyright.  All papers will be received in ‘good faith’.  Contributors should obtain permission to reproduce or quote material as required.  Plagiarism will not be tolerated

All contributors will receive advice pertaining to their submission.  All contributors whose paper is published will receive a copy of the journal free of any charge.

The Editors do not accept responsibility for any damage suffered by papers / discs submitted, nor for any loss incurred in the preparation, submission and return of papers.